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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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The Fire Monkey Triad has killed Zfetch


Player List

3. Intoewsables

14. ilduce39

16. fwybwed

17. Go Faulk Yourself

19. thejazz97

23. Kazmanian Devil





Aladeen [GOAT] - Twinblade attack

Beluga Whale [RABBIT] - Twinblade attack

Dral [GOAT] - Twinblade attack

Virtanen87 [MONKEY] - Twinblade attack

King Heffy [TIGER] - Lynched

One one two [HORSE] - Triad Kill

otherwise [RABBIT] - Lynched

g_bassi13 [PIG] - Triad Kill

JAY JAY [DOG] - Lynched

Time Lord [SNAKE] - Triad Kill

DoughtysCheck [RAT] - Lynched

Qwags [OX] - Serial Killer kill

Baer. [PIG] - Triad Kill

JohnLocke [MONKEY] - Lynched

HashtagNucks [DOG] - Triad Kill

mau5trap [MONKEY] - Lynched

milk and honey [OX] - Triad kill

Dr.Strangelove [TIGER] - Lynched

Zfetch [HORSE] - Triad kill

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1 minute ago, ilduce39 said:

To clarify, I contacted Zfetch at the end of the round saying I was a watcher, then flipped to a tracker.  Toews claimed the opposite - Tracker to Watcher.  With the other superfluous shadiness I didn't suspect him for the rest of the game.

Dr.S role-switched you guys. Toews had already copied a role, so it was switched with yours.

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