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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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Whatever, just going to chime in. 

Earlier in the thread, Dr.S seemed a little suspect because he was talking about a lot of side discussions as opposed to the actual game. It was early, but it seemed like he was doing it more than the others. Perhaps a case of appearing to stay active without posting content? I saw that other's had put Dr.S on the top of their lists too, so it seems like I'm not alone. But that was way early on. 

Dr.S also had a few edits which I don't know why no one made a big deal about. It seemed obvious that he was just having photo uploading issues, but if edits are prohibited, then I think the rule should be held up. I bring this up because to me, edits scream "I posted in the wrong thread/chat, let me change that quickly" which is something I have done in the past and got absolutely wrecked on. Just something to consider.

Also near the beginning, TL made a vote against # which was understandable. I'm never a fan of early votes (unless they are clearly jokes votes) when barely enough information is out. Why make that vote so early? 

Dral said something about using his personal TP catchphrase to validate his status as a TP. He further went on to state that he wouldn't risk losing his TP catchphrase. I was going to call BS on that when I read it. I felt that for a game with the magnitude like Zodiac, he would probably risk that TP catchphrase for the ultimate deceit. Obviously I was wrong here as Dral came up TP in the end (crazy final minutes).

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Just some more things I noticed: 

112 and others discussed JJ for switching to anon near the start of the game? But I believe that was off the recommendation from MR, which would make sense. 

Also, 112 posts got somewhat aggravating to read in how she would respond to people. She would vote or call out someone, if their response was nonchalant or effortless they were anti-town or "disruptive". Answers too long or actually about the comment made against them? Then they're overly defensive. I was going to call her out for this, but it obviously doesn't matter now. 

In my time playing with GFY, I swear it just seems like he tries to act suspect. Nonchalant posting (earlier) and the little "mistake" he made substantiate this suspect frame. I don't know what to think just yet but I'll be keeping my attention on him. 

Despite what others might think, I actually think Kaz is TP. I will admit that I'm biased as I greatly enjoy his hip-hop references from time to time, lol. This is Kaz's first game, and there's a lot to learn. I think he's developing his own style of play which is at the moment keeping everything conservative by not attacking or being overly defensive, and chiming in with general thoughts but not elaborating too much. He's keeping to himself right now, but that play style will (hopefully) change. For now, I'm convinced he's TP. 

I don't Aladeen fully understood the ramifications of his actions. I figure he thought he would be getting lynched and just pulled the trigger on someone who HE thought was mafia. Not saying it was a strong move, but probably the reasoning. 

For now, my top vote would go for Dr.S. For the reasons stated prior. Perhaps overthinking it, but edits make me super paranoid. 

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Along with #. She needs to be grilled for her last round contribution (I know, who am I to be talking?). But I would rather not post, and try properly reading the thread rather than posting short and somewhat cryptic messages serving absolutely no purpose to the TP cause.  

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2 hours ago, DoughtysCheck said:

but he's not mafia? or do TB's have an affiliation?

Either way, I guess there was a motive for him f**king around

This in response to me insinuating that Aladeen was mafia and TBed BW purposely late to ruin our votes.

At the time, the factions of the twinblades and twinblade targets hadn't been shown.

When I quoted this post, I thought this was a slip-up from Doughty and he knew Aladeen was TP, but after reading it a few times I'm not actually sure what he was trying to say.

What do you guys think of this?

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4 hours ago, Master Radishes said:

Yes, both Dral and Aladeen used my time zone to their advantage. I could only process them upon awakening.



Last words: (prolly not koshure, but frack it, I'm drunk again)



Not true.... I was seriously drunk af last night and Virt called me out for not TBing him.... I went to PM you and reached my quota, therefore couldn't TB.... woke up in the morning (late after noon.... ok.... early night....), saw another post from Virt saying "you don't got the balls"... PMed you right after to TB him...









who's got balls now b!tch ?





on a side note - MVP to Virt cause I almost had a full blown TP alliance set up

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Also.... Virt.... seriously... you are a bloody POTATO!


what the hell did you think was gonna happen when you provoke a volatile, drunk newb and dare him to TB you? like seriously... MVP status revoked man! you played so badly,I didn't even think twice the second time around despite almost setting up the TP alliance

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Round One - Vote Occurrences - FINAL

   13 - 112 votes Jay
   16 - #Nucks votes Dral
        - M&H votes Zfetch
        - Jazz votes DC
        - TL votes #Nucks
   17 - Dral votes #Nucks
   18 - M&H unvotes Zfetch - votes #Nucks
   26 - Qwags votes #Nucks
        - Dral unvotes #Nucks - votes Toews
   27 - KingH votes Qwags
   28 - TL unvotes #Nucks - votes fwybwed
        - Baer votes fwybwed
        - KingH votes fwybwed - does not unvote Qwags (vote invalid)
        - KingH unvotes Qwags - votes fwybwed
   29 - GFY votes fwybwed
        - Alad votes Virt
   30 - fwybwed votes Qwags
        - JL votes 112
        - M&H unvotes #Nucks - votes fwybwed
   31 - Duce votes Qwags
        - Baer unvotes fwybwed - votes M&H
   32 - Jazz votes Qwags
        - Jazz unvotes Qwags
   33 - Dral unvotes #Nucks - votes KingH
        - Dral unvotes KingH - votes Zfetch
   34 - Dral unvotes Zfetch - votes Toews
   35 - Qwags unvotes fwybwed
        - M&H unvotes fwybwed
        - Alad unvotes Virt - votes Toews
        - 112 unvotes Jay  - votes #Nucks
   36 - BW votes Alad
        - KD votes Alad
        - fwybwed unvotes Qwags - votes KingH
        - Dral unvotes Toews - votes GFY
        - Alad unvotes Toews - votes GFY
   37 - #Nucks votes Alad - doesn't unvote Dral (vote invalid)
   38 - Qwags votes KingH
        - Jazz votes KingH
        - Jazz unvotes KingH - votes Toews
        - 112 unvotes #Nucks
  39 - #Nucks unvotes Dral - votes Alad
       - Toews votes #Nucks
       - 112 votes #Nucks
       - M&H votes #Nucks
       - KD unvotes Alad - votes #Nucks
       - Jazz unvotes Toews  -votes # (could't tell if # was bolded)
  40 - #Nucks unvotes Alad
  41 - Toews unvotes #Nucks - votes GFY
       - Baer unvotes M&H - votes GFY
  42 - BW unvotes Alad - votes Jazz
  43 - KD unvotes #Nucks - votes Jazz
       - Baer unvotes GFY  - votes Jazz
       - Alad unvotes GFY - votes BW
       - 112 unvotes #Nucks - votes KD
  44 - Virt votes GFY
  45 - BW unvotes Jazz
       - Qwags unvotes KingH - votes GFY
  46 - Zfetch votes Alad
  47 - Baer unvotes Jazz - votes Qwags
  48 - TL unvotes fwybwed - votes JL
       - DC votes KD
  49 - KD unvotes Jazz
  50 - M&H unvotes #Nucks - votes GFY
      - KingH unvotes fwybwed - votes JL
 51 - DrS votes KingH
      - GFY unvotes fwybwed
      - DC unvotes KD - votes Qwags
      - Jay votes Jazz
 52 - 112 unvotes KD - votes KingH
 53 - KD votes GFY
      - BW votes Alad
      - Otherwise votes 112
      - 112 unvotes KingH - votes Alad
      - M&H unvotes GFY - votes Alad
 54 - TL unvotes JL - votes Alad
 55 - Qwags unvotes GFY - votes DC
      - DC unvotes Qwags - votes Alad
 57 - Toews unvotes GFY - votes Alad
 58 - JL unvotes 112 - votes Alad
      - GFY votes Alad
 59 - TB Attack - Aladeen > Beluga Whale
      - TB Attack - Dral > Virtanen87
      - Toews unvotes Alad - votes KingH
      - DC unvotes Alad - votes KingH
      - GFY unvotes Alad - votes KingH
 60 - TL unvotes Alad - votes GFY
      - M&H unvotes Alad - votes KingH

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7 hours ago, DoughtysCheck said:

King Heffy - 4 (fwybwed, Dr.Strangelove, DoughtysCheck, Go Faulk Yourself)

Heffy flipped town. Me and GFY last minute voted based on gut feeling and obviously we were wrong. I'd take a closer look at Dr. or fwybwed who we seemed to agree was mafia earlier in the game. 

Milk and honey didn't look good either with the too late vote.


Gg guys

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