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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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15 minutes ago, DoughtysCheck said:

Player List

3. Intoewsables- mafia. Not being helpful. Not committing to lynching anyone. Him and Ilduce starting Qwags bandwagon

4. mau5trap- tp. Tries to scum hunt.

5. Baer.-TP

9. JohnLocke-TP

10. milk and honey-TP

11. Time Lord- Mafia. TL as well as Kaz saved toews last night who looks to flip mafia.

12. DoughtysCheck- TP

14. ilduce39- playing like Aladeen last round. Does not bandwagon on votes but also do not commit to a player that get lynched, therefore, town is not suspicious when analyzing the vote results. Also does not scum hunt. Mafia

15. Dr.Strangelove-TP but asshole

16. fwybwed-TP but useless

17. Go Faulk Yourself- tp. main target Virtanen tried to lynch. Virtanen flipped mafia.

18. JAY JAY- Probably Pig

19. thejazz97-TP

20. Zfetch-TP

23. Kazmanian Devil- Mafia.

24. HashtagNucks- TP. Votes tend to be for players who are mafia

25. Qwags-Special Role???

Probably the worst list in mafia history.

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1 minute ago, Intoewsables said:

Wait... so first you question the existence of the TP alliance, and now you're going along with it? Or is this about something else?

I question whether there is an alliance of tp since I am tp. Qwags is by far the most suspicious to me now.

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