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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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3 hours ago, DoughtysCheck said:

I didn't. I thought he was a pig


9 hours ago, DoughtysCheck said:

Also, I believe we should be voting Kaz right now. Out of Towes, TL, Kaz, and Jay who I believe to be mafia, Kaz is the least beneficial. He has only shown to be mafia and has not proven to be a TP. If Kaz flips mafia, then we can assume Toews is mafia as well. If Kaz flips town, then at least we didn't lose someone who can help as much as Toews who may be tp.

Vote Kaz

On 2/11/2016 at 10:30 PM, DoughtysCheck said:

I'm going to leave this here





3 of the 4 are mafia.

and then magically, without any sort of analysis to show why your opinion changed so quickly...

3 hours ago, DoughtysCheck said:

stupid. so obvious Jay wasn't mafia.

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3 hours ago, Intoewsables said:
9 hours ago, DoughtysCheck said:

Player List

3. Intoewsables- mafia. Not being helpful. Not committing to lynching anyone. Him and Ilduce starting Qwags bandwagon

4. mau5trap- tp. Tries to scum hunt.

5. Baer.-TP

9. JohnLocke-TP

10. milk and honey-TP

11. Time Lord- Mafia. TL as well as Kaz saved toews last night who looks to flip mafia.

12. DoughtysCheck- TP

14. ilduce39- playing like Aladeen last round. Does not bandwagon on votes but also do not commit to a player that get lynched, therefore, town is not suspicious when analyzing the vote results. Also does not scum hunt. Mafia

15. Dr.Strangelove-TP but asshole

16. fwybwed-TP but useless

17. Go Faulk Yourself- tp. main target Virtanen tried to lynch. Virtanen flipped mafia.

18. JAY JAY- Probably Pig

19. thejazz97-TP

20. Zfetch-TP

23. Kazmanian Devil- Mafia.

24. HashtagNucks- TP. Votes tend to be for players who are mafia

25. Qwags-Special Role???




and then magically, without any sort of analysis to show why your opinion changed so quickly...




nice try


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2 minutes ago, Go Faulk Yourself said:

I feel the way Jazz is replying to everyone, and the way he is wording his replies just screams Mafia. It's like a careful neutral approach to remain looking like he's a TP.

Right now I'd guess both ilduce and Jazz are Mafia, and I'm fairly confident in this guess.

No. I'm TP. I was the Investigator, but I had my role switched to Rabbit.

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The case against ilduce/toews is that they got information and felt JJ was mostly likely mafia. The alliance was wrong but losing more people in the alliance is not helping the tp. Too much risk there risking breaking up the alliance. If toews/ilduce lied about being in the alliance then that would hurt their game a lot in future games. I doubt they would do something like that. Right now the game has 1pig and around 50/50 spit of mafia and tp. Go after someone else who is clearly hiding.  Be safe and smart this round. 

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