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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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3 minutes ago, Go Faulk Yourself said:

waiting for vote swing or tie vote

Loquacious Duce say:

if you cannot see DC's lies for what they are

then you can truly,

Go Faulk Yourself.


For the Loquacious one

has proven himself

to esteemed townsmen

in the most private of messages.  


Decietful Doughty

has stained this land black

with his lies.


Your Humble Duce

beseeches you to stand

with righteousness

and vote for this villain,

once and for all.

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6 hours ago, Master Radishes said:

Vote count

ilduce39 - 6 (Go Faulk Yourself, JohnLocke, Baer., Qwags, mau5trap, DC)

DoughtysCheck - 5 (fwybwed, Intoewsables, M&H, DR.S, zfetch, ilduce)

Intoewsables - 1 (HashtagNucks)

Dr.S -  1  (Jazz)


@Dr.Strangelove Please bold you vote

@thejazz97 Please change vote to DC

@HashtagNucks Please change vote to DC

@Kazmanian Devil Please vote DC

@ilduce39 Please vote DC




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1 minute ago, Go Faulk Yourself said:

If DC turns up TP I officially opt out of the remainder of this game, barring that the Mafia hasn't killed me.

Loquacious Duce say, "me too."


also, the Loquacious one will be watching Spectre with Volupuous Ducette so activity may be sporadic for the evening.

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