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USA Politics/Election Thread: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Democrats, Republicans, et al.


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15 minutes ago, CBH1926 said:

This piece of $&!# needs to be deported back to Alberta.

Inadmissible to Canada due to his history of hate speech. You're stuck with him until he finally gets the noose he deserves.

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2 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

Imagine being so spineless that you would  cowtown to a man who accused your father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination....:wacko:


Ted Cruz belongs in Texas....but to be clear, he was from Calgary, so being a Trump nut-hugger isn't much of a leap....


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5 hours ago, gurn said:

I think the headline is a misleading but here it is:




Trump himself has gleefully poured gasoline on the fire, tweeting his support for street protests planned for Jan. 6 in D.C., during which his supporters will reportedly try to stop lawmakers from getting to the Capitol and finalizing the election results.


Sounds like Wednesday could be an interesting day.

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6 hours ago, Coda said:

Both of the Democratic candidates have pulled into the lead with just 3 days left until the Georgia election runoffs.  Democratic wins are pretty important for the Biden administration to be able to turn around the train wreck in the United States.  



Dare to dream...  seeing Mitch rendered near useless would only be eclipsed by him dying. 

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On 1/1/2021 at 3:12 PM, Lancaster said:

Whatever your opinion on Trump.... he does do some things right, like supporting Taiwan and being critical of China regarding Tibet.



The law that just passed is said to regularly sell military hardware to the ROC.  Certainly hope that Biden doesn't earn his moniker and somehow repeal this.  

He also sold ground to air defence systems to Ukraine. He also didn’t get sucked into ground forces in Syria that the Dems and McCain wanted. Amazing that the Sunnis embrace Israel and that doesn’t make news?

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  • DonLever changed the title to USA Politics/Election Thread: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Democrats, Republicans, et al.

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