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[Game] Let's Create an Amazing Music Album


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Okay CDC, let's create the greatest album known to mankind. Here's how it works:

If you want to make a song, pick a title (for your song) and post a youtube video for me to sample. I will create the song (which will be a trainwreck) entirely out of noise-bites from the video. These songs will be massive piles of garbage, because I am not a producer at all, but they will be constructed entirely with your youtube video of choice.

If you want to make the album art, pick two pictures and post them in this thread. I will create the art with them once we get the album title.

If you want to name the album, just post the title you'd like.

One person may also select the name which the album will be released under.


1. Krokodil Rock

2. The Warden (Tribute)

3. Just Saiyan



Album Title: CDC Big Shiny Tunes

Album Art:

Artist Name:

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