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[GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1


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7 minutes ago, CanuckianOne said:

Come on WD, put McCann back in there. 

This is Willie we are talking about. It'll be Cracknell for sure



whatta ya know... :facepalm: send McCann back to jrs already, what a joke

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1 minute ago, ice orca said:

I guess the McPlann changes day by day with Willie.

I see no reason to give the ice-time to Cracknell over McCann. Cracker won't be on this team next year while McCann will be fighting to remain here - give the kid some ice-time so that he can make his case.


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Just now, HC20.0 said:

I'm kinda curious as to why McCann's out and Cracknell's in. Not that Cracker's bad, but why sit Jared again?

i guess to give cracknell a game as he has sat a while. surprised we have kept 2 spare forwards, could easily waive him and get him playing in utica

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29 minutes ago, AngelicHearts said:



I don't get what WD is doing with this lineup. Sven/Bo/Jake played great together last night. Breaking them up the next day seems ridiculous. As others have alluded to, this must be at the request of management to showcase Vrbata prior to the TD. Also, with the Edler injury I'd much rather see Pedan in for Bartkowski, but I'm guessing he couldn't be called up in time considering the rule management has imposed this year that all call-ups must practice first before playing. And why sit McCann again? Give the kid some playing time ffs!









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