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How we play hockey in sweden


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Have you ever been on a bus full of hockey players? It’s always loud. I have been riding on buses to hockey games for 20 years now, and there’s only one time in my life I can remember it being completely silent.

It was 2006, during the Olympic Gold Medal Game. Sweden vs. Finland.

Do you understand this rivalry in North America? Maybe you think all the Nordic countries are the same friendly place. But Sweden vs. Finland is crazy. To us, it’s like Canada vs. USA.

We’re the big brother and they’re the little brother. (No, no — Just a joke for my Finnish friend Valtteri Filppula).

So the biggest hockey game in the last 10 years is taking place, and where am I? I’m stuck on a bus traveling to a road game with my junior hockey teammates. The bus driver put the game on the radio, and we listened to the third period in complete silence.

It was 3-2 Sweden, but in the final two minutes, the Finns pulled their goalie and were getting a lot of pressure. The radio man’s voice kept getting louder and louder. You know how you can tell when a goal is coming from the announcer’s voice? Everyone was tense. We could feel it coming.

Then we heard it. I’ll always remember.

“Lundqvist …

“Gör en otrolig räddning med klubban!!!!!!”

If you don’t speak Swedish, that’s:

“Lundqvist …

“Makes an incredible save with his club!!!!!!”

Tre. Två. Ett. Noll.

(Three. Two. One. Zero.)....


cool article by Victor Hedman. He talks about growing up in O-vik.

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