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[Speculation] The Outlook On Free Agents. Okposo & Hamhuis


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4 minutes ago, Pickly said:

I find it hard to believe there hasn't been a single phone call regarding Hammer. I mean, GM's talk to one another all the time.

I would guess the other GM's want to see him play a few games before they waste JB's time with offers.  He's been out since December and only play a few games back.  I would think if he was going to be moved it would be pretty close to the deadline.

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With Edlers injury my guess is Hamhuis isn't going anywhere, he probally didn't want to waive anyways, really hope we can get something for Virbata though, think that will be about all that happens before TDL, maybe Prust for very late pick?

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If you're Hammer, this could be a win/win.

Hammer gets approached by JB to waive - Hammer says he'll waive but to a team like WSH/LA/STL (somewhere with a legit chance at winning it all) and JB takes all the heat for asking him to waive.  Hammer gets his opportunity to be with another winning club for one more run - then the Canucks can give him their best offer July 1st and Hammer could be back here to finish out his career and mentor the kids as it seems he is very interested in doing anyway. 

Hammer has 6/8 games playing as well as he did last night, then there would definitely be increased interest.  Top prospect and/or 1st rounder wouldn't be out of the question imo. 

Hammer and a 2nd for Bowey from WSH; then Virby for a 2nd to anyone who will take the guy and we recoup our 2nd from the Hammer deal.  We're WAY ahead after those deals regardless if Hammer re-signs in July or not (but I hope he does). 

Git'er done JB! 

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2 hours ago, Gstank29 said:

Ok im going to be a dick. Not everything deserves it's own thread please put it in another thread

where are the great mods from years past that would lock your thread if you put the wrong brackets up in a topic headline? Cant patrol this site 24/7 though. 

But I get where you aer coming from

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