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[Report] Benning willing to get nothing in return for Hamhuis/Vrbata if it means getting kids playoff expereience

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Ok #1 - JB I know you're a funny guy, messing around ,and bluffing so you could cut out the jokes now pls :unsure::lol::blink:


...on second thought, you really better be #%&*ing joking m8. 

So there's one of two things that can possibly be going on here:
1.) JB is doing this as part of his plan to maximize player value dealing from a position of power for once. I mean he can't really publicly go out and say he's actively looking to move Vrbata/Hamhuis because it would naturally decrease their value and cause a toxic situation. or
2.) Aquamen (aka ownership) are forcing managements hand and are pressuring for a playoff appearance (aka greed/looking at the interest of self profit before the state of the franchise). 

Now I sure as hell hope it ain't the latter and I'm certain I speak on behalf of a good chunk of Canucks fans saying this. This is not 2011. Move on already.


That sorry rear-end excuse 'kids get playoff experience' crap, please. Stick to the plan. Remember, that stuff about rebuilding/retooling? Getting younger? The next wave of Canucks? Hope it rings a bell. 2-3 home playoff games, a 1st round exist, getting a middle of the pack pick in the 1st round of the draft doesn't help this team nearly as it would if we could just admit we're not good enough AND STICK TO THE PLAN!!!!! Yeah, great environment to bring up the kids in - getting steam rolled out of the post-season once again in the first round with a stale roster. Must be a real confidence builder.

What we're really saying is: realize 2 high picks and possibly 1 or 2 prospects >>>>> 3 more months of Hammer/Vrbata and losing them for nothing/gaining zero, zip, zilch, nada. As for people that'll hypothetically say Hamhuis will re-sign with us if we don't move him, it's not about that. It's about moving on and gaining as many assets as possible. 

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Our management is so awful. This team is just horribly run. Even if they manage to squeak in the playoffs (they wont), they'll lose 4-0 to a california team.

Aquilini thinking: Forget adding a potential franchise changing player with a top 5 pick! We'll get two games of playoff revenue.

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10 minutes ago, Gstank29 said:

I was going to post this but didn't because all the trolls will make this thread a $&!# show


6 minutes ago, Madness said:

Our management is so awful. This team is just horribly run. Even if they manage to squeak in the playoffs (they wont), they'll lose 4-0 to a california team.

It has only yet begun...

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I've said it 4 times now.


I've steeled myself with the fact that if we're at or above .500 by the TDL over the next 7 games or so, that we'll be lucky to see even 1 of Weber Prust or Higgins traded.  With Hamhuis and Sutter hurt it SHOULD be a no brainer, but Linden and Benning will be going off of what we accomplished with hamhuis and Sutter hurt.


Claiming it will be experience that will be valuable though could be questionable with Willie D's penchant for benching the kids through the late 2nd and entire 3rd.


I've prepared myself for us to not do anything at or before the TDL if we're within 1 game of .500 no matter what leading up to the TDL.  But a solid string of losses to Calgary Anaheim San Jose and the Wild/Avs might just MIGHT chance that.


But...I wouldn't count on it.  I would even go so far as to say there's a chance we even buy at or before the TDL should we be within that 1 game of .500 judging by Bennings comments.


Again it could be a smoke screen for him to be working on something significant.  But at the same time; the less you expect the better off you'll be

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