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Mafia: The Hunger Games

Master Radishes

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It's the 163rd annual Hunger Games!

As the Capitol gears up for their annual viewing party, the 24 chosen Tributes huddle together in their accommodations, silently awaiting their grisly fate.

Gradually they begin to converse, and soon their conversation turns back to the legends of the 74th Games, when two Tributes took a stand against the Gamemakers and subverted the rules of the arena. The 24 Tributes resolve to stage their own rebellion, refusing to kill each other until the Gamemakers release them all.

But not all the participants are so keen on this plan.

One, a Career - trained to fight in the Games since his birth - wants to allow the bloodshed to take its natural course. He begins recruiting a few others within the group to his cause.

The Careers plan to secretly begin killing their fellow Tributes one by one until they are left standing. The other Tributes, catching wind of the plot, but not knowing the perpetrators, agree to debate their identities and vote on one to kill per day, until the Careers are gone and the survivors can claim victory together.

And, of course, let's not forget the simple fact that weapons are readily available to every single Tribute. Anyone could, at any point, simply take matters into their own hands.

Welcome to the Hunger Games.

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Standard Rules



Game set up:

1) A Kingpin will be randomly chosen. He or she will select their own Careers (Mafia) prior to the game beginning.

2) Every single players, regardless of alignment, is given one optional kill attempt that can be used at any point during the game. Expect a bloodbath.

3) Kills will be announced at Night simultaneously. Killer identities will not be revealed, except for which victim was the Careers' collective target.

4) Kill order will be determined by the order I receive your targets. So if Player A submits a kill on Player B at 1:00, and Player B submits their own kill on Players A, C, D, etc. at 1:10, Player A's kill will go through first, meaning Player B will be dead before they have a chance to kill their own target. As kills occurs only at Night, feel free to submit a kill early and change it later; however, changing your target puts you at the back of the queue.

5) Multiple Med Kits will be periodically dropped in as gifts from Sponsors...at least to those who deserve one. Med Kits can be dropped during any point of the game, but they last one round (Nightfall) only, regardless of whether they were used. They can be passed on to someone else if so requested by the recipient, but do not have to be.

6) There are no other roles present in the game.


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Maestro Radicchio





Beluga Whale

District 1

milk and honey

District 1


District 2


District 2


District 3


District 3


District 4


District 4


District 5

Go Faulk Yourself

District 5


District 6


District 6

Time Lord

District 7


District 7


District 8


District 8


District 9


District 9


District 10

Kazmanian Devil

District 10


District 11

King Heffy

District 11


District 12


District 12





Game begins

Nightfall #1

Nightfall #2

Nightfall #3

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5 hours ago, Master Radishes said:

Also, I'm aware of the Hunger Games forum game that exists here. It's not like that at all. It's just Mafia with a fancy cape on. :P Don't mean to step on Baer's toes.

Welcome Baka, back. :)

Not at all, infact a hunger games themed Mafia game was brought up before I introduced the game.

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