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Mafia: The Hunger Games

Master Radishes

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23 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

I think it does because JL has a history of showing TMI when mafia. 

I think you're drunk and on drugs. 

I wouldn't do that as mafia cuz that's some level 1 noob mafia stuff. I may not be the greatest tp, but my record when I'm mafia or SK speaks for itself. I've won many games as one of, or the last remaining mafia members. I can blend in very well. 

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27 minutes ago, Kazmanian Devil said:

"Spurs just aren't in the title race."

I'd just like to know why you say this

Cause it's Spurs. Can you actually imagine them lifting the title this season? It would be surely the worst team to ever win the title. They don't have any experienced players who have won titles, I just really can't see it even tho they're right up there atm

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