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Mafia: The Hunger Games

Master Radishes

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23 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

Lol I wanted to see if I could truck fwybwed into admitting he's mafia. It should be obvious once you see the PM.

It took him two hours to post this after he read the PM so take that for what it's worth.

Invite me then?   If it's so obvious, you should have nothing to fear.

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3 hours ago, Beluga Whale said:

Last game yoy wanted to save Aladeen even though he was scummy because he provides good spew. Why not this game?


Well I hadn't really considered that yet. But now that you've pointed out that option, I can think of 2 reasons why we shouldn't do it:

1. I'm more confident in Aladeen being mafia than anyone else. If we lynch a TP instead of him, we not only lose a TP, but we lose two TP because letting Aladeen live allows him to use his kill.

2. Aladeen basically said he's not going to post anymore, so he won't really provide much spew. Especially after you openly suggested keeping him alive for that reason :P

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