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Mafia: The Hunger Games

Master Radishes

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2 hours ago, Beluga Whale said:

Scum (Scummiest to least):


thejazz97 - TP Jazz is always TWTBW and usually a lot more active. This is clearly a different Jazz.

g_bassi13 – Probably slanking

fwybwed - That vote for Aladeen was still scummy af.

Dr.Strangelove - Not useful like he can be. Also he would be an ideal KP selection imo.

JAY JAY - He's not trying to help the TP like he was last game. I sense a hesitance in his tone which might be a scum tell.

Time Lord - Playing a bit different from his usual town game.

While I'm honoured to be so high on your scum list, I'm actually not scum.

Life has just gotten in the way of mafia a bit, so I haven't been able to be into mafia as much as I'd have liked to be. I'll still try and contribute, though, if I'm not lynched, soon. And IIRC, I've really only been active in the first round the past couple of games. 

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53 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

It helps a tremendous amount because the more TPs we can find, the more we can focus on catching the scum instead of wasting time berating TPs. Also if the TPs make themselves obvious there's less of a chance of them being miss-lynched. 

You're being really anti-tp right now. 

Really?! I'm only tp because you can't read me. If I proclaimed reasons for a player, and it agreed with yours, I'd be tp.

If I question, joke, and disagree with you. I'm mafia. You can't conceive that I'm still trying to figure out this game. I'm not playing the newbie card, this is only my 3rd. game. Didn't get far last game, lynched by tp! Played no differently last game.

37 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

They can make themselves obvious TPs by being helpful and showing that you're contributing to the town's cause. It's not hard to do when you have nothing to hide and it makes it easier for the TPs to solve the game. To simplify, TPs should be trying to have the other TPs read them as town instead of making it difficult.

I'm not sure what the second part has to do with anything I've said.

I feel like all you've done all game is argue with every thing I say. There's a lot of other things to talk about besides me. 

Obvious?! I"M TP!  Don't trust the declaration huh? I'll help you string up a tp, BW. Now I'm helpful?

So, you say you are TP, BW. Prove it! Prove it to me!


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This Vote Occurrence post is dedicated to BW

Vote Occurrences

page 5  - Game On!!
         5  - Alad votes Baer
         8  - Alad unvotes Baer - votes Zfetch
         9  - JL votes BW
        10 - JL unvotes BW - votes KH
        12 - Alad unvotes Zfetch - votes otherwise
             - otherwise votes Alad
        15 - DC votes Alad
             - Zfetch votes BW
        16 - Alad unvotes otherwise - votes BW
        17 - Zfetch unvotes BW
        19 - Dral votes Alad
        20 - Baer votes Alad
             - Lew votes Alad
             - otherwise unvotes Alad
        22 - KH votes Alad
        24 - Virt votes Jay
        26 - TL votes Alad
             - otherwise votes Jazz
        27 - Dr.S votes Alad
        28 - fwybwed votes Alad
             - Virt unvotes Jay - votes JL
        29 - BW votes fwybwed
             - Jazz votes Dral
             - fwybwed votes BW - did not unvote Alad
        30 - M&H votes fwybwed
        31 - Dral unvotes Alad - votes fwybwed
        32 - Dral unvotes fwybwed - votes Jazz
             - BW unvotes fwybwed - votes Jazz
             - Baer unvotes Alad
             - Baer votes fwybwed
        33 - JL unvotes KH - votes BW
             - Zfetch votes Dral
        34 - Virt unvotes JL - votes Dral
        35 - Kaka votes fwybwed
        37 - BW votes Alad ( voted Jazz previously)
             - M&H unvotes fwybwed - votes Alad
             - Jay votes BW

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I ponder and wonder?

Near the time of Night Fall the bell rings, closer to it's strike.
A night so dark, that in it's very creation, cast an evil  doom upon the town and all it's citizens.

A night so callous and bloody, that many of the TP will fall this round.
I don't expect to survive the round, but know this:
I die a free TP!
To the scum who would cause or have caused my death  - I curse you!:P


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Vote Count

Aladeen - 8 (DoughtysCheck, Lewitelli, King Heffy, Time Lord, Dr.Strangelove, Beluga Whale, milk and honey, Kazmanian Devil)

Beluga Whale - 4 (Aladeen, fwybwed, JohnLocke, JAY JAY)

Dral - 3 (thejazz97, Zfetch, Virtanen87)

thejazz97 - 2 (otherwise, Dral)

fwybwed - 2 (Baer., Kakanucks)


No vote - 5 (g_bassi13, Go Faulk Yourself, OurTimeToShine, Baka, Qwags)



The Tributes have decided. They each take their weapon of choice and hack into ALADEEN.

A cannon is fired to signal his death.


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Beluga Whale was saved by a Med Kit!



1) Beluga Whale

2) milk and honey

3) g_bassi13

5) JohnLocke

6) Kakanucks

8) Virtanen87

9) Baer.

10) Go Faulk Yourself

11) Lewitelli

13) Time Lord

14) otherwise

15) fwybwed

19) OurTimeToShine

20) Kazmanian Devil

21) Baka

23) Qwags

24) thejazz97






Aladeen [TRIBUTE] - Lynch

Zfetch [TRIBUTE] - Careers kill


King Heffy [TRIBUTE]


Dr.Strangelove [TRIBUTE]


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