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Mafia: The Hunger Games

Master Radishes

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16 hours ago, Baka said:

Day 1

Vote Count

Aladeen - 8 (DoughtysCheck, Lewitelli, King Heffy, Time Lord, Dr.Strangelove, Beluga Whale, milk and honey, Kazmanian Devil)

Beluga Whale - 4 (Aladeen, fwybwed, JohnLocke, JAY JAY)

Dral - 3 (thejazz97, Zfetch, Virtanen87)

thejazz97 - 2 (otherwise, Dral)

fwybwed - 2 (Baer., Kakanucks)


No vote - 5 (g_bassi13, Go Faulk Yourself, OurTimeToShine, Baka, Qwags)


Day 2

Vote count


Beluga Whale - 9 (fwybwed, JohnLocke, Virtanen87, Baer., thejazz97, Time Lord, otherwise, Kakanucks, Qwags)

Kakanucks - 5 (Beluga Whale, Go Faulk Yourself, OurTimeToShine, Lewitelli, Baka)

fwybwed - 1 (g_bassi13)

g_bassi13 - 1 (milk and honey)

Kazmanian Devil - 1 (Kazmanian Devil)


Kaz voting for himself and than he is last on the aladeen bandwagon. That looks seriously bad.

baer and kaka both voted together in both rounds. Prehaps mafia connection?

Bassi didn't vote and then wastes his votes.

qwags doesn't vote and than votes BW last. Seems like a mafia thing to do and he has been very quiet.


those 5 are my scum list.




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7 minutes ago, Time Lord said:


Well I'm obviously not 100% sure because I don't know their factions, but I am pretty sure.


Also you should probably (:P) vote for Kakanucks so the mafia don't swing the vote before nightfall.


@OurTimeToShine you should do so as well.



I thought u said I was Mafia 

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