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[Mafia] Dragon Ball Z-Goku Vs Vegeta: The Final Battle



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26 minutes ago, Kazmanian Devil said:

Then why you get it wrong

Because be quiet.


24 minutes ago, Virtanen87 said:

Did this guy just say dbz is not a good show in my dbz thread?!!!!

Works as a kids show. Though Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a lot better than the actual show was.


At least it was better than Pokemon. Ash was dumb as &^@#.

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13 minutes ago, Mathew Barzal said:

Yeah, Dragonball >



I somehow don't think I ever saw that scene in Canada.


But in a way you're partially right, even if you're just making that statement for the sake of a joke. Dragon Ball Z got increasingly harder to watch the more and more they just amped everything up.


The adventure and all of the first show offered something better than whatever started going on after the Cell Saga. I still have no idea what exactly the hell Majin Buu was or did. That stuff was hard to watch for me, so I just stopped entirely.

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