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2016/17 playoffs?-heres how


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We have the sedins at least two more years. Lets get them someone to play with..I.E  Lucic or maybe Erikson either good in their own different ways I like Lucic. Some would say Stamkos---TO MUCH MONEY, We still have to improve our D. As far as lines 2-4 we already have the pieces.


Keeping Vey-Guance in system as call ups. Where's Mcaan you ask, Well if Granlund is not happy as a 4th line centre that could move up with injuries then Mcaan will be our 4th line centre. Mcann may have to be dangled at the draft combined with a pick to get a D man.

D line up     Tanev-Hamonic----------Hutton-Truba or Shatnkirk--------------Hamhuis-Sbisa

Keeping Biega and Pedan as call ups. Where's Edler you ask (don't care) no seriously Edler combined with a second may get Hamonic off the island.

I like the duo of Miller And Markstrum to start the Year, As the TDL approaches Miller with his diminishing contract could be of good value to get any piece we may need for a playoff run. So its only 3 adds I think is doable and I also think they make us a playoff contender.

P.S. Would be great to see the Sedins Hamhuis Burrows all get one more kick at the can.

Oh and why do I prefer Lucic I cannot think of one player that would give the sedins more time and space, Sedins are still very good with time and space, But I will admit this could be the slowest 1st line in the NHL


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I have no idea how we pay all those guys but for sure we need d, big time. Poor burrows is going the way of the higgins. He's not long for the jersey. I'd rather get a big stay at home d man with a big shot and a fast puck moving defensive guy we can take a year or two to develop and sign for cheap. When you bring in established guys you can't keep much depth around them, although we do have the scouting gm to have a shot. Gotta save a buck by knowing what you've got early so you can give them a 3-4 year deal for cheap. 

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Trade Edler check

Trade Miller Check

Trade Hansen check

Trade Burrows- replace with Zaleski, gaunce, griener etc or free-agent signing not hard to find his type 


gather prospects, slowly bring in youth check


no quick fix for this team, its time to get prospects and slowly inject them into the line up. Prospects that we expected from the Hamhuis trade can be made with the Edler or Tanev trade. 

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Moving edler and his contract and resigning hamhuis at 2-2.5 I feel frees up the cap space. and yes the additions they are veterans but not old. Just thinking out load how to move this rebuild along faster. Maybe get the sedins one more run



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Get a pure scorer who fits well with the Sedins. Get another high scoring, offensive forward for the second line. Get a good puck moving d man of Ehrhoff's calibre. Get a big mean nasty hard to play against stay at home defenseman. Get rid of Bartkowski, Burrows, Weber, Hamhuis, Vrbata, Miller and Dorsett, There you go, instant contenders. Brilliant eh? That's your blueprint for success. 

I wish I could be the GM. I would make the necessary changes and bring a cup to this city once and for all and put an end to the misery of the long suffering fans, and be hailed a hero. 

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10 hours ago, Jiggs50 said:

Draft Matthews. Sign Stamkos. Sign Shattenkirk. Trade Miller. Boom. Super easy. In nhl 16...

Not so easy! Mine wouldn't even accept a Shinkaruk for Granlund deal straigth up. I had to pay extra picks!

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