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(Proposal) Linden Vey

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Since we need defensive prospects, and Vey is not NHL ready why don't we trade him to Chicago for Van Riemsdyk. Vey could improve Chicago's bottom 6 or top 6 in the AHL, and Van Riemsdyk can improve our defence. Trevor Van Riemsdyk does not have very good stats, so Chicago might be wanting to trade him. The only disadvantage is that Chicago has played him in every single game they've had. What do you guys think?

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1.  van Riemsdyk has as the OP mentioned played in every game this season for the Hawks and is averaging 19:38 per game ice time.  He's only 24, he's on a cheap contract for 2 seasons after this one (important to the Hawks who are a team that spends to the cap.)  Are there a couple of other dmen that are so good that the Hawks need to move van Riemsdyk to make room?  If not, why would they move him for a marginal NHL forward?


2.  I'm not sure at all that van Riemsdyk is a good fit for the Canucks' current circumstances, beyond the fact he's a RHD.  He's 6'2 but neither particularly heavy nor tough.  He's poor offensively and reasonable defensively.  I haven't seen zone entry/exit info on him-is there any reason to think he's special in moving the puck?


It appears to me that van Riemsdyk is and will likely remain a #4, 5 or 6 d-man-capable but not an impact player.


Would he be merely another addition to the Canucks' group of #5 to #8 defencemen?   Right now Sbisa, Biega, Bartkowski and Weber all fit into that group.   Sbisa with his $3.6 mill AAV is staying and playing (and is less of an embarrassment than he was last season.) Bartkowski and Weber are candidates to not be re-signed.


Meanwhile, they have Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Sbisa and Biega under contract for next season.  It appears they intend to sign Larsen and Tryamkin, neither of whom is likely intending to come to play in the AHL, and Pedan must be pencilled in to make the Canucks next season rather than risk losing him on waivers.  That makes 8 even without signing any free agents-their own or otherwise.


Van Riemsdyk may not be much of a fit for the Canucks.


3.  I think van Riemsdyk's value is quite a bit higher than Vey's, in that Chicago shouldn't have too much trouble getting a better return for him if they did decide to trade him.

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3 hours ago, Rocksterh8 said:

Linden Vey is NHL ready, he's a great player and should not be traded, but promoted to 1st line.

I don't know if you're joking...


....but I'm not, When it comes to raw offensive talent, Vey is second only to the Sedins on this club.


Vey stays, the rest of you can leave

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