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Who will be the Next Franchise Player


Who Will Be the Next Sedins  

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The Sedins were a pair... hard to match two guys who both putting up 100 pts.


Of the current young guys... none of them are on a trajectory to match the Sedins.


But on the other hand, a lot of very good players can win a Cup too... don't necessarily need the single superstar.


Of all the current Canucks prospects... perhaps Demko has the best chance of becoming a real superstar.



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There's a difference between a franchise player, someone you can build an entire team around and players that play on the 1st line, or top D pair. Honestly, the only player in our system that I think could fit that bill is possibly Demko. All our other prospects or top young players; Horvat, McCaan, Virtanen, Boeser, would have to far exceed expectations to be labeled as a franchise player.

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34 minutes ago, ILL BILL NECRO said:

This years 1st rounder maybe?

The Canucks are not likely to be Cup contenders again until they have a legitimate franchise player. An no-one in the system has shown the kind of performance at any level or trajectory that makes achieving that level seem likely. The only possible exception is Demko, who has been a star in college and at the World Junior level. So he is a possibility but it is too early to put the label on him.


Another outside possibility is Hutton. D's develop later than forwards having franchise D improve until their late 20s does happen (as with Lidstrom and Chara).


But I really hope we can draft a genuine blue chip prospect this year. By all accounts Matthews, Laine, Puljujarvie and Tkachuk are excellent players -- all very likely future first liners and probably guys that can really help an NHL even while still teenagers. And Chychrun is still very highly regarded. And Juolevi would be a good pick for the Canucks. Those have to be the top 6 guys on the Canuck list and getting one of those guys would really help. 

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