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Hutton the NEW Edler?

By sea and land

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Yes, this is rather large praise for a rather small sample size but......


can Hutton handle first line duties and minutes as a sophomore?  If so, then what?  Possibly resign a cheaper Hamhuis as our 2nd or 3rd paring left dman behind Ben and Luca?  Sprinkle in some Pedan (another lefty) or Tryamkin (also a lefty).


So maybe this lends itself to trading Edler?  We still need a right handed Dman next year.  Hmmm, an Edler for Hamonic type package eh?


Hutton and Hamonic

Sbisa and Tanev

Hamhuis and Biega


Pedan or Tryamkin or resign a cheap Bartkowski as our extra #7 if Pedan and Tryamkin need more seasoning.


And one other thing.  Seriously Sven, this guy is a stud.  Love that wrist shot from the left point on the PP.


So, give Hutton a 2017 promotion and trade Edler OR retain Edler and just let Hammer walk?  Edler sure could bring in a nice return....a Hamonic type package perhaps?  We can offer more than just Edler if we need to.  

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Just now, Mathew Barzal said:

No ... the whole point of retaining vets is so we DON'T have to ruin our young guns like Edmonton has. 

I like Hutton (who doesn't) and Pedan looks like an excellent prospect. But it is too early to trade Edler. He is still very good. And I hope we re-sign Hammer as well. Those 4 guys along with Tanev and Sbisa, and Biega as 7th man would be a decent D-group next year. I know we would like another Right shot but you have to play the cards you are dealt.

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2 minutes ago, Butters Stoch said:

But we need to keep Edler to teach the kids how not to play  defense. 

I thought that's why we got Sbisa for




Anyway, Edler doesn't deserve all the $&!# he gets. He's 100% a top pairing defensemen, sure he makes some mistakes but he's still a good player. The guy eats a bunch of minutes for us.

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Nope, he's the first Ben Hutton.


Edler has never exceeded expectations, and I do think Edler is awesome, he just never really exceeded expectations for me.


I didn't expect Hutton to even make the team, let alone be bumped above Spisa, which might not be saying a lot, but I didn't expect it. I've always expected more from Edler though... Never stood out when it counts


Edit- but our defense is tragic and we need Edler badly.

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hutton wont be the physical presence edler is, or was, at one point-- depends how you want to look at edler now, but he'll be able to log the minutes he does and be a part of the success of this team going forward, like how edler was during his early years


i remember once upon a time when edler was the saviour of this team and detroit was willing to throw their future at us to get this guy. canucks fans, eh

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Ideally we keep Hutton around the 20 minute mark as our 2nd left handed defenceman next season, almost fighting Edler for 1st pairing minutes. Edler gives us more shutdown capability, Hutton eats more PP time and gives us more puck-moving ability against 2nd lines. Edler faces off against top scorers, Hutton faces the 2nd and 3rd lines.


We can save Sbisa for 3rd pairing duties or re-sign Hamhuis and keep him there at the 18-20 minute mark for a discount.


It's a mess of a defence but Edler and Hutton will be similar in terms of quality next season and Sbisa and Hamhuis will be similar too. Essentially we'll have two 2nd pairing defencemen in Edler and Hutton, and two third-pairing defencemen in Sbisa and Hamhuis (if we keep him on).


On the right side who knows what's going to happen.

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The one big difference is that Hutton is 183 pounds (depending on your source) and is not known for physical play. While Edler doesn't hit often enough, in his prime, he was a beastly hitter. I also doubt that Hutton can match Edler's heydey shot power either. Hutton beats Edler in speed, however. 

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