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[OFFICIAL] CDC Presidential Election Thread


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@Alain Vigneault previously announced his bid to become president.  This was followed up with other bids by @thejazz97 and @Virtanen87.  By popular nomination, @g_bassi13 has joined the race.


As it stands:

1. Alain Vigneault

2. thejazz97

3. Virtanen87

4. g_bassi13

5. milk and honey

6. BananaMash


No more nominations at this time.


Candidates are encouraged to talk about their platforms and their vision to restore White Noise, other subsections, or the board as a whole.


Non-candidates are encouraged to ask questions, bring forth issues, and other concerns for the candidates to discuss.


Election Poll will not be put until later this week/weekend (time frame is loose here) in order to ensure fairness and lessen the confusion.  It is acceptable to post in the thread about who you will vote for, who you're leaning towards, etc.  But nothing is official until the poll.  More details on this later.

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26 minutes ago, milk and honey said:

I will run.


I will make a thread showing my platform and ideas later tonight! 

While you maintain your own autonomy to do as you like, we suggest posting your platform in this thread so that White Noise does not become cluttered with multiple platforms.


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Just now, Virtanen87 said:

I would like to step down. I nominate @GofaulkYourself. He has the best shot at beating BM

If GFY accepts, this transaction will be put through.


Until then, you walk the plank like the rest of us.

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