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City of Vancouver buys Arbutus Corridor for 55 Million


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On March 7, 2016 at 9:28 AM, riffraff said:

Could only help to improve cyclists evasion skills by not building a barrier beside the tracks and allowing the riffraff to loiter about.



everywhere you go there's bound to be riffraff.   :rolleyes:

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3 hours ago, nzan said:

yeah, it's funny how cities take on an inferiority complex similar to people. Vancouver is obviously one of the world's greatest cities in so many ways. I guess that was my original point, the hope that the city does something great that is reflective of Vancouver as opposed to aping something other cities vibe.

I love this city. I was born here. I don't recognize it though. Vancouver is naturally amazing and immense, but people are selling this province off.

Heritage houses are being torn down for the new Vancouver Special. This place is fracked,

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18 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Vancouver is so desperate to be taken seriously as a major city, it usually resorts to aping other cities ideas. It will always be a over priced, middle of the road city though.

Vancouver was a lot better when it was a middle of the road city. Less people, better to get around. 

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