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Dane Fox Trade


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Just now, Stelar said:

is it just me or is this the most confusing trade/loan in history.  Is he traded? Is he not?  What is up with TJ?  Crazy.

This may clear it up for you:



Charlotte has acquired veteran forward Blair Jones on loan from Utica in exchange for loaning them T.J. Hensick. In a separate move, the Hurricanes have acquired forward prospect Dane Fox from Vancouver for future considerations and have assigned Fox to Charlotte.

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1 minute ago, RetroCanuck said:

So we lose Fox and get future considerations from carolina and a guy to play in Utica... this better clear up a little cap or this makes no sense

It clears up a contract used uo by a guy who will never play in Utica let alone Vancouver.  


What is the problem here.

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2 minutes ago, RetroCanuck said:

Ok so it does clear up cap space. *on(just helping you out)... makes sense now

This move doesnt affect our cap space, only thd number of contracts we have (now 44/50 I read).


Fox was never going to crack the Utica roster, never mind the Canucks, so we traded a worthless asset for a favour. A good deal.

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1 minute ago, Aircool said:

LOL.. you are right, but the way you say it... the salt.

not hard to check to see if the topic exists already if you look in the trades and signings area, instead of posting a trade thread in canucks talk, that is all

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