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Things you thought when you were a kid

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A thread for revealing things you thought when you were a kid be they dumb, impressive, or non-nonsensical.



When fast food places ask you if you want your order 'for here or to go' I thought one of the options cost more than the other.


When TV shows say 'closed captioning brought to you in part by...' I always thought it said 'closed captioning broughtued in part by...' 


I thought that to film the first Transformers movie, they actually built full scale transformers and moved them around.




Anyone else?

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I think when most people are kids you generally think "Oh he's an adult so he must be so smart and know everything."

Then you get older and quickly realize how wrong you were. You quickly realize that, now matter how old some people are, there are just some insanely stupid people who lack common sense.

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When I was a kid, I thought I would grow up to be a Veterinarian, and that all people lived in small towns and would go to the city to shop. 


I went to school for Fashion and work for a software company now, as well as live in the city. 


My dad told me when I was little that I would grow up and have my own condo, and that my brother would be married with children.  He was right.  My brother is married with one child, and I am single, live in the city in an apartment with no children. 

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