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3 hours ago, desiboynux4lifee******* said:

I ran the simulator 98 times, leafs- oilers- flames got the top 3 percentage for picks. So yeah either we lose more, or we are drafting 7th lol


Canucks' are not landing Mathews, he is going to either Toronto, Flames or Oilers. Now landing Matthews would be a real game changer, but we can't out tank the bottom teams, and thats due to Benning's way he has handled this team and Old man miller.

Who the hell has time to sit around and do that 98 times?  Get a job man. 

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A guy in San Jose said make a rotation of the first overall pick. Each team gets a 1st overall every 30 years. He says that way it's fair and gets rid of any tanking. Only problem is it's vastly unfair if in your rotation a generational player is 1st overall. Then you have a lottery for the rest of the non-playoff teams. 


It would probably kill tanking. 

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Just out of reach.  Reward teams that compete.  Reverse lottery.  Best non-playoff team gets best chance and continue that to the bottom 5.  Bottom 5 get exact same odds.  Gives them a chance to get a good pick but punishes their management for being crap.

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Here's my suggestion to eliminate tanking. Which probably only I will understand and to the rest of you I will sound crazy AF.


The one and only rule is that no team's balls are replenished after each round. (This could have the 30th placed team with only 6 balls in the draw while other teams could have as high as 10 depending on wether or not they have had any balls drawn through 4 rounds)


Steps to selecting lottery winner:

1. Take the 3 worst teams in the Eastern conference and the 3 worst teams in the Western conference. (50/50 split of either conference getting a 1st OA and adding excitement to a different market.)


2. Place equal balls into the lottery (10 each) Draw until one team has won a best of 3 scenario (first team with 2 balls selected)

remove the balls of the team who won the round of the lottery and LEAVE the balls of the other 5 teams that have not yet won and are still waiting to win the next round.


3. Add 9 balls (to match the lowest ammount of any team that is still entered) to the lottery from the next lowest team in the conference OPPOSITE of the conference that won 1st OA. (This will give the Eastern or Western conference a better chance of landing the 2nd OA pick, but still keeping the chances even as most teams in the lottery will have somewhere from 9-10 balls entered in.)


4. Repeat step 3 and reduce the ball count by one (9, 8, 7, 6) for the next team being entered in from the opposite conference that is the next lowest in the standings until the top 5 picks have been won.


5. After the top 5 picks have been determined, the teams select in order from worst to best starting at the #6 OA position.


This way, you could be 30th and pick 6th. The 10 teams in the lottery for picks 1-5 all have an equal shot at landing elite talent to help rebuild. And it comes down to a best of 3 draw, rather than 1 ball drawn and having crazy luck like the coilers and winning as many picks as they have.


Just a quick example of how the lottery could work.

As of right now the teams that would be entered due to their position in the conferences

(order doesn't matter because each team has 10 balls and the first team with 2 balls drawn wins)


Western Conference                               Eastern Conference

1. Winnipeg                                             1. Buffalo

2. Calgary                                                2. Toronto

3. Edmonton                                            3. Columbus


Now say Winnipeg won first overall pick, you would remove the remainder of their balls in the draw and add in the next worst placed team in the Eastern Conference due to the Western Conference winning the lottery pick, which would be Montreal with 70pts who are higher than Vancouver and Arizona in the standings and they would now have a shot at winning the 2nd OA pick being 22nd in the league.


Western Conference                               Eastern Conference

1. Calgary                                               1. Buffalo

2. Edmonton                                           2. Toronto

                                                               3. Columbus

                                                               4. Montreal

Now the Eastern Conference's chances are higher to obtain 2nd overall to atleast balance out the excitement of new generational talent being distributed amongst the league evenly in each conference.

Montreal who is 22nd overall in the League now has a shot at possibly grabbing 2nd overall.


Say for some MIRACULOUS reason the Western Conference wins again and it is Edmonton that wins the 2nd OA pick, the next team to be added would be Ottawa with 72 pts. It wouldn't really matter where exactly you place to pick in the top 5, it would come down to who wins each round of the lottery as to where a team may have a shot at winning a top 5 pick with no garauntees because everyone would have an equal chance.

they would be picking ahead of Vancouver and Arizona.


The likelihood of a Eastern team winning would be quite significant, which would then bring Vancouver into the fold entering the lottery with a chance at winning a pick from 3-5. 


It may still somewhat lean towards teams accepting losing rather than intentionally doing so, but the chances of winning 1st OA to 5th OA would have no garauntees and to fail for 82 games and pick 6th OA would be great karma. 

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Personally, I think the NHL should gather the captains of all the 14 non playoff teams together and hold a WWE royal rumble style pay per view...winner picks 1st, runner up 2nd and so on.


in other news, Henrik steps down as captain at Tryamkin is named the new captain. 

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Oddly enough, I actually want Edmonton to win the lottery and be forced to take Matthews because every GM in the league will be way too pissed off to even deal with them.


Crapsville would have way too many talented young forwards, all other GM's would be pissed off beyond believe and won't even attempt to be reasonable at the trade table realizing Deadmonton is essentially handcuffed by their luck.


Edmonton is basically forced to unload all of their damaged goods on the cheap, everyone but Tarlickers wins.


Edmonton improves their D and goaltending but just can't make it work and loses in the first round year after year. McD and Matthews refuse to resign and walk as UFA's.


Yes, I hate them that bad.


As far as the OP goes - Edmonton rule.

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5 hours ago, nickels said:

didn't read it....but here's my 2 cents.


14 teams that don't make it are given the # of ping pong balls equal to their position 1-14.


ie...30th overall gets 14 gets balls, 29th gets 13 balls, 28th gets 12 balls....17th would only get 1 ball.

(Top 16 playoff teams would retain their order)


When drawing ping pong balls, a team can't finish worse than 5 spots away from your position..


ie.... the worst team will pick 5th overall at worst.


IMO this would make tanking meaningless....think it's currently a real problem in NHL (and NBA)

every team missing the playoffs should be chosen out of a hat. And you can drop to last and you can jump to first. No advantages for any non play-off teams. Tired of watching all the losing take place after trade deadline. The way it is now your going to have Calgary Edmonton showdown and loser jumps a spot. Calgary goalie accidently scores in his own net, followed by the Edmonton goalie accidently scoring into his own net. Book it, its getting their.

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4 hours ago, ABNucksfan said:

Funny how now that the Canadian teams are capitalizing on the draft lottery Buttman is now willing to change it. 


*removes tinfoil hat*


I'm all for the Just out of reach method. Let's reward the teams that work hard. 

Since when would anyone say Edmonton has been capitalizing on anything draft related. It's quite clear they have been squandering the hell out of most of the last decade.

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3 hours ago, drummerboy said:

Who the hell has time to sit around and do that 98 times?  Get a job man. 

Dude, seriously, it takes 3 seconds to do 1. Pour a beer and click a button while watching a Canucks game. My first 3 go's last week had New Jersey, Montreal, then Arizona winning the lottery. Stopped right there. Broken algorithm for sure.

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Maybe there should just be a Coilers lottery -


They're such a disgrace they get demoted to the AHL and there's a lottery for every other team that didn't make the playoffs to snag a Coiler (if they want them). 


Seattle then gets an NHL team and a normal expansion draft is held.

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