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Mafia: BattleStar Galactica [Sign Ups: Open] - Game Over: Mafia/Survivor Win!


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First Nightfall: Thursday March 17th, 10:00PM


Special Actions Due By: 9:30PM


Please include the round number in your Vote:


Example: Vote1 Aladeen 


Notice there is no space between the word Vote and 1!!!!!


  • Almost any player may become a Cylon (Mafia) throughout this game.
  • Characters that were Cylons in the show may not necessarily become Cylons in this game.
  • Most of you will start with a Cylon number, it is probably advantageous for the Town NOT To reveal this number but it is up to you guys if you want another town of potatoes. 
  • If the town is smart this will be a difficult game for the Cylons to win.
  • Do Not Rely on Characters to prove someone's Innocence (or Guilt for that matter). The Starting Cylons have been given countermeasures to Mass Claiming.
  • PMing is ALLOWED
  • Screenshots or Quoting the host are NOT
  • Everyone will get a PM, so if you have questions ask me there. You may not get an answer but you can try. 
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4 minutes ago, DoughtysCheck said:

i didn't get a pm. im tp...

I haven't handed out roles yet... I will make a big big Game has begun post when I do.... I am still hoping for 1 more but that might be a pipe dream. 

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I guess I could hand out roles now and if anyone else wants to join it really wouldn't be a big issue I will just randomize the game with a blank in it and give them that role if another should join before the end of tomorrow.

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