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Mafia: BattleStar Galactica [Sign Ups: Open] - Game Over: Mafia/Survivor Win!


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1 hour ago, Kakanucks said:

I'll play, when is the game starting??

I'm about fed up with CDC though, so I might be snappy next game.



Sounds like somebody needs a back massage.... You bring the scented candles, massage oil and Barry Manilow's greatest hits CD and I'll bring my beard and the liability release waivers.



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1 hour ago, Aladeen said:

I have my suspicions on who fwybwed really is.

I'm suspicious of ALL of you!, and trust NONE of you!

However, I generally like all of you, and you potatoes make the game fun. (frustratingly so!, like golf)



I'm in.

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