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[GDT] Canucks vs Avalanche March 16th 7pm


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5 minutes ago, Stierlitz said:

Jon Abbott @HockeyAbbs 7m7 minutes ago

#Canucks will start: 22-33-65/50-53-18/47-7-26/14-91-17 D' 27-8/2-44/29-88 Miller on @TSN1040 http://bit.ly/1lQJZua

I like it. Willie and I don't always see eye to eye on the lineup but this one's drawn up exactly how I would have done it myself. Should be interesting to watch those second and third lines and, of course, that third pairing.

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1 minute ago, CANUCK-EXPRESS said:

Ughhhh we have to wait for MTL vs BUF to finish :picard:

ya i revert to the radio now, rogers is a joke i absolutely hate paying huge cable bills and sports package and not have the ability to watch the pre game for the team in my region

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6 hours ago, theminister said:

Based on your vast experience watching him play in the NHL?


This is the epitome of speaking out of ones rectum. 

That is why every time I come on CDC I wear a full face shield to prevent any rectal over spray from getting in my mouth or eyes. 

It has saved me from needing a shower on several occasions.

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