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[GDT] Canucks vs Avalanche March 16th 7pm


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3 minutes ago, Qwags said:

I think the best thing that Wille D can do is give Trauma time. I don't expect him to be outstanding immediately.

It would be an incredibly good sign if he can just tread water and hold his own for the games he plays in the rest of this season. Anything more is a bonus.

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50 minutes ago, TimberWolf said:



Good one and thanks for bringing some fun to it. In any other Canadian market the local media would be excited.... but ours? Nope. Have to hand it to Ian MacIntyre, finding a way to spew 300 words of negativity around Tryamkins debut must be some kind of record (http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/nhl/ready-or-not-vancouver-canucks-nikita-tryamkin-gets-the-green-light). 


Its a very good thing we're excited as our greasy local media continues to look for the cloud in the silver lining.  



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6 minutes ago, Stierlitz said:

Jeff Paterson @patersonjeff 21h21 hours ago

#Canucks could have 10 skaters 24 and under tomorrow: McCann, Virtanen, Baertschi, Horvat, Vey, Etem, Hutton, Gaunce, Tryamkin & Pedan.

If that's not a rebuilding I don't know what is! I wish there would have been a way to have a look at Larsen as well. I think his team is out of the KHL playoffs if google translate is correct.

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50 minutes ago, Jack Fig said:

Oh its....

Tryam Time again, you're gonna leave me,

I can see that far away look in your eyes,

I can tell by the way you hold me darlin',

that it won't be long before it's

Tryam Time.



What song is this? I want to understand the humour. 

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2 minutes ago, Silky mitts said:

Excited to see the big man, hopefully people don't expect him to be a Chara right away

Well the early years of Chara were far different than the Chara that ppl seem to only remember him by. Let the guy play his game, sure he will make mistakes, but lets try to look at the positives from his game that to scrutinize only his mistakes...


Wish the media was BLACKED OUT from watching this game in every capacity, so they can't over hype his nhl debut or claim him as a bust tomorrow....

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