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[GDT] Canucks vs Avalanche March 16th 7pm


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5 hours ago, theminister said:

Because, inevitably, the same small group freak out as they always do so that the pitchfork brigade can jump right in and say things like, "everyone thought," "CDC said" and "homers."


It's a cycle we've all experienced multiple times, and I'm just trying to help get out in front of it. 

Your pre-emptive efforts are appreciated.


3 hours ago, internationalCanuck said:

Looking forward to the PGT where everyone here is disappointed Tryamkin isn't instantly our #1D and best dman in the league and going to win the Norris this year.

But apparently they're going to fall on deaf ears.

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2 hours ago, Stierlitz said:

Philip Larsen was seriously injured and did not play in the last two playoff games. His team lost in playoffs. Larsen's stats in playoffs: 4 games, 3 goals, 1 assist.


Ouch... hadn't heard that. Here's the link to the news on the game where it sounds like Larsen got hit with a "filthy knee" - yikes I hope its not too severe. 


"Aleksei Sop tackled filthy knee Larsen, who had to leave the game. Sop took a shower game penalty boosted."




Ahh crap, it looks bad: 



Come to think of it, "filthy knee" would be a good nickname for Brad "filthy knee" Marchand.

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Tryamkin sure moves well - very fluid for such a big guy.

How quickly he reacts remains to be seen, but I like the idea of pairing him with Hamhuis.

There will be some young forward groups on the ice with him as well - and a quick Avalanche club.

I'm sure that by tomorrow the city will have determined his ceiling lol.

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