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Canucks @ Oilers Friday, March 18, 6 PM PST


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There is a battle going on, maybe not for a playoff spot, but one team fighting for respectability, the other, pride and hope for the future.


Vancouver is challenging their prospects to step it up and see what they got while Edmonton is challenging their team to be all that they can be and should be.


For Edmonton finishing a strong as possible gains hope for the fans next season and respect from opponents from all those high draft picks, this game almost demands Edmonton show something of what the future will bring and that the future is finally here.


Vancouver, pride might be very prevalent, unfortunately pride comes through in the form of effort many times and not necessarily scoring goals, the team can still have a good battle, but lose the war. In this season the fans can see losing the battle but winning the war in the form a better chance at the draft table.


McDavid.....what's to say, he isn't Gretzky or Lemeuix, he simply is.....is and playing at a different level and he is only just starting to get used to the NHL, McJesus? Well walking, or as he does, effortlessly floating, on frozen water isn't the miracle jaunt of the other one, but he is fascinating to watch, especially how he lifts up the other players he is with.


I doubt the Nuck management will be present, they don't really want to see what the future holds, the team that they will have to build to be competitive with this group that looks to be finally emerging.


In the current position the Canucks are in I watch all the teams below them in the standings and cheer for every one of those teams, but I also watch the Canucks team prospects and can be somewhat encouraged by the glimpses of the kids' skills.


Thought I'd get an early jump on the game thread.



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Watching McD I say don't let him set up in the offensive zone especially on the power play. You've got to challenge him right away and assign man to check him. I realize it is easier said than done, but worth the commitment of one player even when down a man. You need to take away his time and space as much as possible. Standing around looking at him does absolutely nothing.


Watch McD closely tomorrow night and tell me if this strategy make more sense than how teams on defense normally perform.


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29 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Bo Horvat meets with the media before the Canucks leave for Edmonton to face the Oilers.



These interviews are always so friggin boring. Blah blah blah. All of them. I'd rather watch paint dry

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On one hand, I never liked cheering for the Canucks to lose just for a slightly higher pick...


On the other hand...we play the Coilers three more times, and if we lose all three against them, we have a good shot at top 5 pick, and maybe lottery pick, while the Coilers chance if winning a lottery draw go down...so on that note


Go Coilers go!! :towel:


Saddest part is, watch Edmonton finish somewhat respectably, draft somewhere around 9th and still win the god damn lottery! If that happens, who's with me on storming Edmonton and burning it to the ground?!

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