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i love you guyss

Twilight Sparkle

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3 minutes ago, Lil B From The Pack said:


bork is love, bork is life. like that perfectly flipped omelette, like that screaming kid, crying at the grocery store, you accidentally-on-purpose trip over in the cereal isle to get that cinnamon toast crunch-- then you make your way to the empty self check out, and you don't need assistance from an employee to scan your ****


2 minutes ago, shiznak said:

You're sleeping alone tonight.

you're back! <3

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7 hours ago, Kazmanian Devil said:

Hey TS

hai kaz :3 one of the true real entertaining people here, like a classic pillow fight, or building a couch fort when you have friends over, and experimentation in said couch fort. you're like, ocean diving and high fiving a great white shark, and having that moment as a gif on giphy.com



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