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So sony announced the playstation vr headrest will be out this October. $549 Canadian. I'm extremely pumped for this and will buy one for sure. They will have 50 titles out this year as well.  


Also pre order starts this Tuesday and bundles will be available with the headset , the ps eye , and ps move with a game included.

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6 minutes ago, Mathew Barzal said:

Going to wait for reviews, and even then it's more of a luxury than a necessity. Looks really cool though!


I'd love to have some virtual reality experiences, but the games are very important for them to be of any value. They should try to have some murder mystery games (where you will also be chased by the killer and die if you are too slow), maybe a good slasher game where you can be the murderer, but also have to survive until the end (and kill the murderer).


Those would be my choice of games if I were getting VR. Sport games don't really interest me, and I'm kind of stuck as to what other games would be worth VR over console.

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So many youtube vids on which is the best VR. Seems like Sony has totally crashed the party.  Rift has been surpassed by Vive and while the Sony Vr ma not be graphically superior it will be a huge seller right away. AS the fans scoop up the Vr products I imagine in the next 2-3  years we will see some amazing advancements.



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