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Rollie Melanson not returning


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Apparently most of the improvements in Markstroms game are due to Cloutier not Melanson.


I have no problem with Clouts working with Markstrom some more and eventually Demko. Maybe no words of advise from

him before a playoff game Though.


Its an unfortunate loss but he's not irreplaceable.

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My concern is it sounds like that Melanson hasn't worked much with Miller, and Markstrom isn't really a fan. It seems certain players love him (Lack), and others like Luongo doesn't seem to work with him. 


The Vancouver Scuttlebutt (Province) says that the Canucks are trying to get Bill Ranford from LA. But he has another year on his contract. 

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29 minutes ago, Me_ said:

Typical Vancouver fan.

good sig, 


Ill dream while i can of this cursed franchise finally getting lucky and winning the first overall. :)





















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31 minutes ago, Down by the River said:

Basically every NHL coach was a mediocre at best NHL player, but all of a sudden the only way you can be a good goalie coach is if you were an elite NHL goalie.

Those who have struggled know best what it takes to succeed. Naturals who have only known success are terrible teachers.

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