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Swedish article about Canucks future


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Thought you guys would be interested in knowing what European/Swedish media is writing about Vancouver. So I'll just summarise the article for you. If you want to read the whole article try to google translate it and ask me if you have any questions what he means.




Can start of with the headline.

"Sorry Vancouver-fans, no team will have it worse than you the next five years"

-  He goes on to mention the Sedins, and how they kept Vancouver in the playoff position. But how it was inevitable to miss the playoffs anyways. He also mentions Daniels comments after the St.Louis game, and how frustrated the Sedins must be when they actually shows their frustration to the media. Which isn't very Sedin like.  


-  He describes the future as "The ass-suckiest future of all teams in the NHL."  He says our prospect pool is weak, where Horvat, Virtanen, McCann and Tryamkin are our future core. He thinks they'll become good NHLers, but not players you win the cup with. He compares that core with teams in our division. And comes the conclusion that Flames, Coyotes and Oilers have much brighter futures. As our pool is "paler than a British cave scientist"  He adds that he might be over exaggerating. 


-  Thinks that Vancouver is the team that is most likely to miss the playoffs for the five next years. 


-  Crisitsises Vancouver and Bennings trade deadline. Not being able to move either Hamhuis or Vrbata makes him look really incompetent. Also mentions the Aquilini family, and the rumours that they are involved in Bennings business. Which is bad... 

I don't think he's enterily wrong nor correct and he misses to mention players like Boeser, Demko, Baerschi and Hutton as a part of our future core. But he's right when he talks about missing the top prospects. 

Wellwell, hope you enjoyed the summary. And as i said, if he you want further translation, just ask. 



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A core player is only a core player until somebody better comes along. To assume what we have now is our core for the next decade (or even the five years) and that nobody that makes the team better will come along is as foolish as saying McCann is what he is and will never get any better.

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32 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

I was not aware the Swedish media has better talent assessment than people in the NHL! No wonder we've never won a cup. We don't listen to the Swedes!

Don't worry, the Swedes don't listen to us either.

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I can't disagree with the guy, I'm not sure Benning and Linden are incompetent, I believe they tried their best to trade Hamhius and Vrbata but someone has to want them to trade them.


All the other points are pretty accurate; I'm tired of hearing that we need to draft a defensemen in the draft, we need all positions except goaltending, we have no legit superstar skaters in our prospect pool.  Adding a top 3 pick would definitely help that out.  If we pick in the 5-8 spot then fine go with a defender, but you gotta pick the best player available unless there is a tiny difference between the forward and the defensemen.  

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