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Game Thread: Nucks @ Blues March 25, 5:00 PM PST


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You know, the Nucks aren't playing all that bad. The need for goal scoring is very obvious.

Willie D and Daniel, have the guys playing hard.

Big T, Trymakin, looks better every night, he sure is getting a trial by fire, over 20 min a game.
IMO, Pedan looked not horrible out there either, Weber played well.

But the day after, maybe there is a day after pill the Nucks could take, because today's game may make them all look like they have a hangover.

St Louis is playing for positioning, they get first and play a wild card team, they don't and they get Chicago.

Hitchcock teams traditionally play a stifling defense and for a team like the Nucks with scoring problems, well Vancouver will not look as bad as the assumed outcome.


“There are 3 kinds of men. The ones that learn by readin’. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”
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16 minutes ago, drsofthands said:

if they werent playing all that bad they wouldnt be on a 6 game losing streak

The defense and goal tending are keeping the games close enough that the one big weakness the team has is magnified, goal scoring.

The team has done pretty good in not having blow outs and in the new NHL, 2 goals is reachable.


These games really show what the Nucks need to draft over the next 2 to 3 years, as well as some bold trades.


BTW, 6-3 is not a scoring prediction, it is ........

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Its all about watching Tryamkin, Hutton, Bo and Sven get more experience right now.  I feel happy just to watch those guys get points or make good plays in the D zone.

Sorry to say but Jake and McCann both need time in the AHL next year .  Jake looks lost most of the time, my concern is that he is physically capable to play in the NHL but will he be another Emerson Etem?  McCann needs to beef up and get his confidence back in Utica.


Blues should win this one easily. 



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