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  I toss a mess on the table and Every person took a bite!!  LOLL!!!

good to see that some folks are wide awake and paying attention tho

 bother and blather, it's just a hash-up of what I read here from time to time

  no harm intended, just a poke at some for fun.  don't get too serious folks!

  sport is for our Entertainment


  hey riffraff, what don't you understand about the Canadian English language?

if my first 3 sentences are incorrect, please parse them and post it right here...

otherwise take your mouth for a walk to an English class.  grade 8 maybe

  i'm chuckling at some more of you too...

  if you feel sanctimonious enough to espouse your own opinion and denounce mine,

perhaps you should read the whole rant, separate whatever may be a valid point and

respond to it.  otherwise get off your high horse and stop cherry-picking

  there does seem to be a group who think alike and act alike tho

it doesn't Belong to you guys.  I don't care if you've posted 10,000 times, what you say is

just as valid as a first time poster's remarks.  I toss things out here once in a while and the

same people respond the same way.

  objectivity.  compassion and tolerance.  a few other words that are found in any dictionary

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