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2016 Draft Eligible Victoria Royals

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In honour of the playoffs tonight, I thought I would give my take on some of the Prospects playing for the Victoria Royals. Would love to see a Royal in the Canucks farm system after the draft ! Anyway, let me know what your opinions are of these players. 


Mathew Phillips, C (Plays RW)
Projected : 2nd Round +
Height : 5'6   Weight : 137 (As listed on Royals website)


A small, Agile forward who has the skill of finding seams in the offensive zone. He thinks the game well, and has the tendency to be in the right place, at the right time. Doesn't shy away from the dirty areas, but would have to do it more consistently to make it at the next level. He has a decent, but accurate shot. With some more strength as he grows, it should add some needed velocity to it. Great passer, and keeps the cycle going well on the PP. Took home top rookie honours for the western conference. 

Pro's : Hockey IQ, Passing, Skating
Cons : Size, Physicality

Goals : 37
Assists : 39
Points : 76
+/- : +11

Jack Walker, LW
Projected : 3rd Round +
Height : 5'11   Weight : 179 (As listed on Royals Website)


A more mature, physical player with a good nose for the net. A good skater that does a good job of getting in on the forecheck and creating turnovers. He has been deployed in a multitude of situations this year, playing on the PK and PP. Not going to overwhelm you in any one category, but has a well rounded game. Does the little things well, can chip in offensively. Has been passed over in the draft twice, but has used that to fuel his fire. 

Pro's : Skating, Physicality 
Cons : Consistency

Goals : 36
Assists : 48
Points : 84
+/- : +30

Ralph Jarratt, D
Projected : 5th Round +
Height : 6'2   Weight : 217 (As listed on Royals Website)


A big, steady defenseman that plays well in his own end. Makes a good, safe first pass. Good balance, which allows him to lay some heavy hits and win board battles. Good stick, and uses it to disturb passing lanes. Prototypical defensive defenseman. Has a decent shot, but will have to use it more and get better at finding lanes. Not offensively gifted, but that isn't his game.

Pro's : Size, Stick, Defensive awareness
Cons : Skating, Offensive IQ

Goals : 3
Assists : 8
Points : 11
+/- : +13

Alex Forsberg, LW 
Projected : Free Agent 
Height : 5'11   Weight : 192 (As listed on Royals Website)


An opportunistic two way forward who is always in the right place for a nice pass or to bang home a rebound. Has the ability to play up and down your line up, and not hinder your top offensive players. Has a solid foundation of skills, but doesn't excel in a certain area. Has a good shot, with a good release. Gets in on the forecheck, and free's up pucks. Although he is an average skater, with average size. Definitely a long road ahead if he wants to play in the NHL, but a gamble nonetheless.

Pro's : Shot, Physicality 
Cons : Skating, Hockey IQ

Goals : 31
Assists : 60
Points : 91
+/- : +22

Tyler Soy, C
Projected : Free Agent 
Height : 5'11   Weight : 172 (As listed on Royals Website)


An offensive center who uses his hockey sense to play the game. Has the ability to find seams, and exploit them. A good passer, and has the shot to match. Has the ability to find loose pucks around the net. Makes the players around him better, and has started to improve his defensive game. Can sometimes play the perimeter too much, but he has taken steps to improve that. Not physical, but has an active stick. A good skater, with good acceleration that he uses to create separation between him and his opposition. A key cog that runs the Royals PP. 

Pro's : Hockey IQ, Shot, Skating 
Cons : Physicality, Defensive awareness

Goals : 46
Assists : 39
Points : 85
+/- : +34

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4 minutes ago, Baer. said:

Phillips plays big for his size. A solid 4th rounder. He has gained some weight, some sites list him as high as 150.

EliteProspects has him at 161, so it could be his weight coming into the season on the website. Have to see his weight at the combine, as I'm sure he'll get an invite. 

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Game 1 stats


Phillips : -1
Walker : 1A +2
Jarratt : Even
Forsberg : -2
Soy : 2G +3
*Bobylev : 3A +3


*Vladimir Bobylev had a solid outing recording 3 assists in his first WHL playoff game. He has a decent frame at 6'2, 202lbs. He recorded 28G, 39A with a +45 in 72 games in his second North American season. A solid winger that has put himself on the radar.

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17 hours ago, AntonRodin said:

Is that the Forsberg who played in Prince George before? I remember he was ranked somewhere around 60-90 in his first year of eligibility i wanted the Canucks to take this kid before 

Yes, he played 3 seasons in PG before going to Saskatoon, then was traded to Victoria last season. 

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17 hours ago, theminister said:

If Phillips goes before the 4th I'd be very surprised. 


Saying that, I'd take a flyer on him in the 5th round and hope he has a Connor Garland type +1. 


Jarret as a 7th. No one else is worth spending a pick on. 

These playoffs will be big for Phillips, scouts will want to see him rise to the occasion and play bigger than he is. He will have to do it  consistently for the entire playoffs if he wants to be in the talks for a first 3 rounder. If he has an average or below average playoff run, I would expect him to slide down to the 4/5 area.

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Game 2


Phillips : Even
Walker : 2G +2
Jarratt : Even
Forsberg : Even
Soy : 1G +1
*Bobylev : 3A +2
* Bobylev was named Player of the week, with 6 Assists and a plus +5 in 2 games.
Game 3
Phillips : 1G -1
Walker : -2
Jarratt : -1
Forsberg : -2 
Soy : 1A
Bobylev : -1
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