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2 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Would love to see Benning pull a Burke and get two players in the top 5.


Imagine getting Matthews and Tkachuk or Puljujarvi and Dubois.


We need a serious injection of talent though, you're right.

The only way that is going to happen is if Horvat is traded 

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5 minutes ago, coastal1 said:

No wonder fans on here think that he can take this lame group to the next level. Fans wanted to see the kids play so now they see the kids playing. And losing. Because many of them are not NHL players and others are not yet NHL players. But fans got their wish and now fans are cheering for losses! Bizarro world!

Still beats watching a bunch of 30-somethings lose. 

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Like some others have said on here, I can take the Canucks losing and the benefit of getting a better draft pick but the total lack of effort from the team tonight must really be of concern to TL, JB and WD. Benning has stated that he wants hard working, competitive character type players and I am sure what he saw out there tonight must be driving him nuts as these traits were totally absent. The core leadership group's effort tonight was disgraceful and they are not being the role models for the younger players that we would all like to see/expect.


We see a lot theories expressed here as to what is wrong with this team and, more importantly, what needs to be done to make this team more competitive going forward. Fire the management team, tank, get bigger, get faster, get younger, trade this player and trade that player but none of those are going to matter if you are not prepared to out work and out compete your opposition. You simply cannot win in this league without a strong work ethic and right now the Canucks do not have that for whatever reason.

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1 minute ago, DIBdaQUIB said:

Higgins, Dorsett worst +/- tonight.

Did the twins score?

Yes, the kids are learning/struggling but its not as if our vets are or could/would do any better.

The Sedins have been around so when we see this:


Daniel Sedin: "From some guys right now, the effort is not there. I think those guys know who they are. I think it’s embarrassing."


You know the lineup full of kids stinks as so many of them don't even understand what it takes to be an NHL player. But like I said, we now have fans cheering for losses so I guess the team is now successful! How pathetic! What do you think Pat Quinn would say if he was alive? Fans hoping for losses! Pathetic. Disgusting.  A total bad joke. This is what hockey has become in Vancouver, fans hoping for losses.

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