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Blog post: Canucks better off missing playoffs

Alex Hoegler

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Wow, congratulations to you, Alex Hoegler! 


I would have read it if you'd just post your thoughts instead of linking to word press. Poor form.


You can always redeem yourself by using the edit button and filling in the text box a bit better...



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2 hours ago, Alex Hoegler said:

I'm trying to start up a new blog as a freelance writer!

Here's what I wrote last night:



It's nice to see someone, other than myself, have the character to use their real name.  Now if you would add your picture too, then you would be in the same league of honesty as ALF THE GREAT.  That's my full name. :lol:.


ps. my picture is airbrushed a bit, to make me look a little younger.  Hey!  Being honest really feels good.  

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For future reference, it's perfectly ok to share your ideas but don't post links with out the article and option to read them here.  We do not allow directing traffic away from the site in order to generate hits elsewhere.  Thanks.  





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