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Is the Judgemental Map of Vancouver Racist?


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I'll be the first to call anyone out on their subliminal racism but there's difference between a joke and a serious statement...this map makes fun of everyone equally, including the creators themselves. In fact, white people are getting clowned more than some people may realize.  Don't think anyone has really emerged unscathed here, it's just a joke.

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2 hours ago, Neversummer said:

Definitely racist ... and more.  Not just picking on ethnicity, there are jabs at single moms, druggies, those who are vegan, etc. ... but that's what makes it funny.  

No stone left unturned, that's for sure!  I have to admit I was laughing until I saw the Pickton referance.

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15 hours ago, drsofthands said:

is it racist?


no $&!#


"blind chinese drivers" made me laugh


its a joke tho so lighten up, never met someone who couldnt take a joke who wasnt also a huge idiot

The thing is, the danger caused by the bad drivers isn't funny. What an opportunity to improve on driving skills and erase the stereotype.

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24 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

The truth hurts.  I find it hilarious and have no problem with the lighter side of things..if we can't laugh at ourselves, we're doomed.

No humour allowed! Only cat memes and the like!

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13 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I am not offended by this. Instead, I had a good laugh.


5 hours ago, Svengali said:

I swear, sometimes I'm absolutely convinced that you're an artificial lifeform trying to blend in.



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