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Congrats to Derek Dorsett!

-Vintage Canuck-

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1 minute ago, thejazz97 said:

Do you think Ethan Dorsett has intangibles? :P 


Congrats DD, even if you don't read this!

Ethan is a role player.  His role is to eat and crap repeatedly, in that order, for the next few years.

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4 minutes ago, oldnews said:


You're absolutely right. The 6 goal difference in goals conceded surely indicates the Canucks defence is markedly better than the Leafs :rolleyes:

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Just now, oldnews said:

I can't hear you over the deafening TANK.

So the Canucks are barely better than a team deliberately trying to lose games?


Keep on digging. You'll get to 6 feet eventually.

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43 minutes ago, Alain Vigneault said:

So Brandon Prust is traded to the Canucks on July 1st 2015 and is said to be brought in to take pressure off of Dorsett for all the fighting duties.


Quite a celebration if you ask me.

Prust is more like a byproduct of Benning desperately getting rid of Kassian. The memory of the big crowd of people who was confidently saying Prust will land us a 2nd round pick at the trade deadline still gives me the lols. 

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