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Eastern Conference playoff race


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Three teams and two spots still left for grabs.



81 Games 93 points 38 ROW




80 Games 92 Points 36 ROW

vsPittsburgh @NYI



81 Games 93 Points 39 ROW



So who do you guys got? Obviously an uphill battle for the Bruins. The Flyers should collect two points at home against Toronto rather easily. So which means if the Bruins win tonight in regulation, we will have a 3 way tie at 93 points a piece.

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3 hours ago, Riviera82 said:

I just hope Philly gets in. Boston can suck it and I wanted Detroit's playoff streak to end but they've got the best chance now.

I don't want the Red Wings streak to end. I enjoy watching them remain in perpetual mediocrity. First round fodder once again this year.

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I may be the odd one out here, but I want the Bruins in the playoffs!  We know they're not gonna win the Cup, so let them in... but damn would it ever rip us to shreds if they end up winning the draft lottery with the measly 1% chance and get Austin Matthews!

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