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[GDT] Canucks vs Flames, April 7 @ 6:00 PM PST


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How odd, the schedule makers somehow had all 4 teams at the bottom of the standings playing at the same time it is odd because the time difference.


At any rate the Canucks now play another team in their last home game of the season.


Calgary may not need the added motivation of winning the last one for the fans as they have had the Nuck's number this year.


It is great to see some of the kids getting ice time and playing like it means something, Etem, McCann, Biega, Granlund all look like they have stepped up their game a bit, I didn't mention Horvat because it appears the transition is accomplished with him, NHLer.


The Flames won't have a parade of HoF plyers watching tonight, but they will have their fans and Burke, who will have an opinion if they don't play like this is game one of the playoffs. Motivation will/should not be a problem.


In the final two games of the season, a season where only not doing well will count, I would not expect to see too much body checking from the Canucks, but they better keep their heads up because I am sure that freight train, Ferland, will be looking to get someone in the tracks.


Flames are rested and likely watched or heard the results of last nights game, they will want to send a message as well as answer the one they got last night in the battle of Alberta. If they can do it, we can do it better.



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4 minutes ago, Spotted Zebra said:

If the Flames win tonight, the Canucks cannot catch them. 


Lose going away today and then come

home and take care of business and bring the Oilers back to reality.

Lose 3-2 in regulation today

Win 8-3 in game 82

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I have a feeling the Canucks will bring a better game tonight then they did last night. But ultimately Shinkaruk will be too much to handle.


5-3 Flames


Shinkaruk with the Hatty, the final goal coming from an empty net as the hats rain down to the ice.

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Except for the first game of the regular season,the Flames have been the superior team IMO...They even beat us when they sat their best players for too much partying over the Super Bowl weekend......I've seen this movie before,there's no way the Flames can lose on home ice to a banged up,demoralized Canucks squad.


For that reason,I'm going to go off the board,and predict a Canuck win in OT.

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Tankitty Tank tanking night.  Tank.  Matthews.  


Lose the last 2 and pray Columbus wins a game.  Best odds is all we can hope for.  You don't build on a year like this, you toss it in the garbage and forget about it.  High skilled forward incoming to boost our scoring.  

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12 minutes ago, Qwags said:

Can't wait to see the complaints about Granlund. Like that hasn't been done before.

When you go -4 against the Oilers, I don't think you are infallible to criticism.


Can't wait to see Shinkaruk score tonight and then immediately see the Benning Warren Commission call Shink a bust.

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