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Who goes back down for the Comet's Playoff Run?


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11 minutes ago, Green Building said:

I think that since Hutton signed right from the NCAA and was never assigned to the Comets he would have had to both clear waivers, and have done so prior to the CHL TDL to be eligible for the playoff run. Biega would need to clear waivers too I think, because he's 28.


edit: except for all of the things @tyhee said



Hutton didn't have to clear waivers until he played his 70th NHL game. As tyhee mentioned,  if he was "papered" by end of NHL TDL meaning on paper he was sent down to Utica and on their roster, he then would have been eligible to play, likewise for Granlund and Horvat. These players then would have been called back up using 3 of 4 non-emergency call-ups.


As for Virtanen and McCann they would have had to have been sent back to their CHL team in February and played either 8 or 10 games, I can't remember, and have finished the season with their CHL team to have been eligible for the AHL playoffs.


Correct Biega and Vey would have had to clear waivers again after they had played their 10th game or have been in the NHL over 30 days from their call-up



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6 hours ago, Danimal said:

It's one exciting thing for our organization, we have a good chance to make a deep run in the AHL playoffs especially with our send downs.


Who get's sent down? Trymakin, Biega, Higgins, Pedan, etc???



Really? This was the last thread created before yours: 


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