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Benning; goal every year is to make the playoffs, mentions Horvat, Hutton, Baertschi and Markstrom as players who improved a lot during the season. Injuries to experinced players were a big factor in the season


Benning; We are going to look into all different avenues to improve the team next year ,having meetings with pro scouts the next couple of weeks.


Willie; It was challenaging with all the young players, but also says it was rewarding see them progress during the season. Likes McCann high end skill says he has gotten bigger during the season. Mentioned that Horvat always gave it his best effort. Believes in what Trevor and Jim say.


Benning; Silver linning is that young players got experinces that they wouldn't have if everyone was healthy, going to have to relay on our young players getting better if they want to be competitive next year. Boeser could POTENTIALLY could be a 1st line player. Wants to draft and develop the next core group of players, going to have to be patient going forward.


Willie; Have to develop the young guys, mentioned it was a hard lesson to learn. Have to find a way to get better on the PP, says that to get better on the PP they need to have the proper personal on the back he. Mentioned that he has always played a agressive style of game and whats to get back to that style of hockey.


Benning; Need a true #1 to win, says that WHEN Edler is on he can be that guy. Looking to add some college UFAs and thinks that Larsen can run a PP next year. Trevor and Jim meet with Burrows and Hamhuis yesterday, plan is to meet with the rest of the players today and go to Grand Folks next week for the U18s, will take about personal after that. Sat down with both Boeser and Demkos parents. Says that it will be good for Brocks development to play another year at UND. Talking with Demko family about signing. Going to sit down and determine what needs to be done to make this team better, mentions trading for a PP defenseman or signing a UFA winger. Wants to have a balance between young players and veterans that can hold them accountable. Miller was a mentor helping Markstrom handling the everyday challenages of being a goalie in this market. Going to talk to the coaches about RFAs and who will be a fit going forward. THERE WASN'T ANY oppertunity to trade Miller last year, a team called about him and Benning said he didn't want to trade him. Feels at 14-16 there were good defenseman available BUT things have changed and they are going to take the best player available. Demkos was upset that they lost to Quinnipiac, sounds like he is very competitive. Hopes that Demko will turn pro.


Willie; Excited about the steps that the young players made during the season and expects them to make more steps during the offseason. Leaders always have imput on teams that Willie has coached, also going to meet with the young leaders (Markstrom, Tanev, Sutter, Horvat, Edler).


Benning; Rollie is dealing with some family issues, going to keep discussions with him. His role may change but they want to keep him in some compacity. They have a succession plan for Demko, says he has the mental make up to be a number #1. IF theres a player in and around 30 that has a connection with the team Benning is trying to build and can be a leader they will look to bring him in. Bennings want a culture of "sustainable winning" which is basically building a young core before the current core leaves. Thinks that in a players 3rd year they start to think more about a team game then how they are going to stay in the league. Expects any of the top 3 players can step right into the NHL next year and contribute. LOL DRANCE MENTIONED ASSET MANAGEMENT:rolleyes:. Both year Benning has been here they have used there 11th defenseman, in the East the farthest they got to was there 9th defensemen, says that they might have to add depth in the 22-28 range of their depth chart (range being players numbered 22-28 not age).


Willie; Burrows is a quality person and he has values in different aspects of the game. Says that fans don't know what happens in the room, has lots of really good veterans in the room that aren't going to be happy with the result of this season.


Benning; See Pedan as a defenseman going forward, Willie wanted to see him as a forwards. Gaunce was moved to the winger because they were worried about his first 2 steps, says that being on the wing has improved his first two steps


Willie; Gaunce is a better players than he was in trainning camp, and he feels he can play in the NHL next year, going to be lots of competition next year for spots. Thinks that McCann had the best change of succeeding at centre, moving him to wing allowed Willie to give him more minutes and give him more experince in all situations. McCann has a edge and has lots of upside. Believes that young players have to be accountable and giving them icetime of the heck of it isn't the way they want to develop players to be accountable.


Linden; Seems to be more trade activity after the season than at the deadline. Need to build the mid tier leadership core, they are not currently looking to add another mangement member, he is happy with the job Jim has done. Burrows and Hamhuis are selfless leaders. Thinks that there is a potential for the top 3 players to make a impact, after that they aren't sure. Mentioned something about Henrik breaking his finger but he didn't mention anything else about it. The overall benefits of Utica out weight the geographical benefits. The notation of gutting the team is not the direction they want to go, like Benning mentioned players that will help the young players.


If I was a betting man, I would say that Linden is going to be the scape goat.

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Just now, Heretic said:

Linden's coming in at the end.

Thanks Heretic. Benning brought up a good point. We were up to our 11th defenseman. As he says most teams look at 7th, 8th and 9th. The Canucks were looking at 10th, 11th, and 12th. Benning never saw anything like that. 

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Just now, Heretic said:

I missed the first 15 mins, did anyone ask about why Shink was traded?

They tried sort of a roundabout way of asking. "What do you say to the fans that aren't happy with asset management?"

Benning had long winded reply but more of that's what the market was, and he was trying to improve all year. 



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15 minutes ago, Lui's Knob said:

Linden not present. Just a hunch but perhaps theres another press conference soon... Firing/hiring/owners press release?



Your hunches are terrible. I mean seriously, firing Linden? C'mon, he's Captain Canuck, one of if not the most recognizable name for anyone who's been a fan for any length of time, and he's only been in the role two years. You don't burn that bridge so early, and it should shock me that anyone would jump to that conclusion so soon but it doesn't because it's you.


Terrible, just terrible... <_<

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