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Round One Upsets

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Looking at the match-ups for round one in the Western conference It's hard to see any real underdogs except for the wild-card teams.  And even they have had really strong showings at times.

Given the parity in today's league I want to know if there are any series that you think have a real underdog and moreover, if you think that there's a chance for an upset in any of them.  All the teams in the top three of their respective division in the West are ridiculously strong and most are built for playoffs. The only real question marks seem to be whether St. Louis and San Jose can do more than what they've done in the past, and of course that's unanswerable because they haven't done it until they have.

To my way of thinking Minny and Nashville are the only underdogs in the West and I don't really see them winning either of their series, and in the East I'd say that only Philly is a real underdog and I don't see them beating the high-flying Caps. I would have said that Detroit's an underdog, but with Stamkos and Stralman out I'm actually leaning Detroit's way. It'll come down to their goal tending I think.

Anyways, what are your thoughts? Do you think underdogs have a chance? Or are their even any real underdogs this year?

Frankly, I think the cup is the West's to lose, and the only reason I think that would happen is if the teams beat each other up too much for the finals.

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I just have a feeling nothing will go as planned for the exceptions of teams like Chicago, LA, and for some weird reason I think Pittsburgh will get through round 1.


The Rangers have played a lot of hockey, unless Eric Staal finds a way to get back to overdrive. Pittsburgh has been on fire late in the season. 

Minny just lost Parise for the rest of the year, so that looks bad. But it's still a pick'em series. 

Detroit might just pull an upset. But Druoin will be a wild card with Stamkos out. It certainly would help his trade chances if he had a fantastic playoff run. 

Nashville I think will beat Anaheim. And Florida will beat NYI. Florida and Nashville are motivated. 

LA and San Jose will go to 7. Washington will sweep.


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1 hour ago, hatedkid666 said:

Wings will win 

Wild will win 

Blues will win

Rangers will win 

Florida is not an underdog in that first round

I think everyone was surprised at how well their season went. Based on how they finished, no, but this is a playoff first for lots of them. Obviously Jagr and Luongo are a big part of their success but in the playoffs secondary scoring is a question mark until proven,

 The rest are definite possibilities and not underdogs in my opinion except the Wild. But if they play like they did in their win streak I would definitely say they have a good chance.

The rest have a good chance, but I see either the Hawks or the Kings playing the Caps in the finals.

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This is one of those years where, aside from the Wild, I don't think anyone would be surprised if one team wins over the other. All are so good, or so mediocre (Wings/Lightning - due to injuries for TBay), that whoever goes on to round 2, it won't come as a shock. Again, except for the Wild. They are out of their element, even with Parise in the lineup.

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I've got a bet placed on teams to advance to the next round, couldn't bet on the dallas series for some reason, here are my picks:


St. Louis v. Chicago
Anaheim v. Nashville

Los Angeles v. San Jose


Florida v. Islanders

Tampa v. Detroit
Washington v. Philladelphia

Pittsburgh v. Rangers


I win like $720 Canadian so like you can tell, other than Chicago, which is hardly an upset, I am hoping there won't be any!

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