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The Tattoo Thread

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33 minutes ago, ThrustyPrusty89 said:

Maybe he just liked them and didn't love them? I am pretty flippant when it comes to tattoos so I don't take them too seriously. I'd love to get a matching tat with someone/anyone. My bf and I talk about getting matching tattoos all the time, but not so much "matching" as they are related (ex: one of us gets a hockey stick and the other a hockey goal- no these aren't the actual ideas though). That way if we ever break up the tattoos can stand alone, and also individually mean something to us as well as together.

Yeah he liked the Canucks, and I love the Canucks.  I dated him when the last NHL Lockout occurred.  I thought it would be a great date, something really fun to do. 

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I enjoyed cruising the tat chat.


I never got inked, considered a bunch. All the dudes I grew up with are full of art, and junk, and scribbles. I still identify with your 90's NOFX punk rawk scene, but never got inked.


Wrote a song about it back in the day with one of my bands, tune was called- "Buyin' the suit I'll die in", was about $&!#ty tats,


I've seen a few hundred of em.


Maybe that's why

I've been gun shy

Is it time for a tattoo or two?


But I blow all my dough

To get drunk after the show

Man, I'll never be buyin the suit


Buyin the suit I'll die in

If I said I know what it is

You know I'd be lyin

(And I'll stop there, some might find my opinions on religious tats, Asian script and a few other things insulting...)





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Anyone have any good recommendations for Realism/3D tattoo artists around Vancouver?

I had been thinking about getting a half-sleeve for a while but have decided that I don't have the money to set aside get that much work done and would likely not for a long time.  Going to get a piece that covers my left pec now (maybe a little bit more $$$ permitting).  


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