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What's the better Catch Phrase


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As popular as my "Cue Bass Solo" has been on these boards, I am actually thinking of bringing on another one. I'm not saying that "CBS" as some affectionately refer to, it will be stopped totally. Just that, sometimes it's fun to try something new, add to the classic collection if you will. 


The one I'm thinking of adding is, "Can You Dig It? It may have been said before, and there is even a Monkees song which uses it:




My question to you is, would you welcome Can You Dig It, even if it replaced Cue Bass Solo, for a while? Imagine going to a Paul McCartney show and he decides to not play Let It Be? It might be nice to hear something new in it's place, but on the other hand it might have some of the audience feeling they weren't getting the best of the best!


So anyway, keep Cue Bass Solo, or try Can You Dig It?



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